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Smart Checking

When you need your money, you need it now
ATM fees can chip away at your balance. It doesn't have to be this way.
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  • Three non-MVB ATM withdrawal fees waived per calendar month

  • No minimum balance when you enable direct deposit

  • Access to MVB’s online and mobile banking platform, which includes bill pay and mobile check deposit capabilities

  • Works with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay

  • Complimentary personal financial management through Digital Banking

  • Complimentary e-statements

  • Complimentary Visa debit card

  • $50 minimum opening deposit

  • $7.50 monthly service charge fee on daily minimum balances below $1,000 in a monthly statement cycle—fee waived when direct deposit is enabled or minimum balance of $1,000 is maintained

  • $4 monthly fee for paper statements

  • $2.50 when withdrawing from a non-MVB Bank ATM; three refunds per calendar month

Access your funds anytime, anywhere with MVB's mobile and online banking suite.
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Assorted desktop items
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