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Mobile remote deposit capture

  1. Open your MVB app and choose the Check Deposit tab
  2. Choose your account and enter the deposit amount
  3. Take photos of your endorsed check
  4. Get confirmation of your deposit*

*Items credited in two (2) business days.

It's available at your convenience

Once you make the deposit you will get confirmation via email with instructions on what to do with the check. You will see the transaction after two (2) days when it is credited to your account. And, most importantly, images are stored securely at the bank and never on your device.


  • It's Convenient! Make deposits day or night, from virtually any location.
  • It Saves Time! Eliminate a trip to the branch or drive-thru.
  • It's Easy! Make quick, successful deposits with the ease of Tap. Snap. Deposit.
  • It's Simple to Manage Transactions! The technology generates a transaction confirmation to easily track deposits.
  • It's Secure! Protects information with the same security as Online Banking and allows customers to keep their checks.