MVB Bank strives to be a “one-stop payment shop,” building out our technical expertise in the payment stack. Our Fintech Division, headquartered in Bridgeport, West Virginia, offers innovative financial services for companies that use technology to move or process money. Contact us today to find out how we can assist with your financial needs.


Some of our specialties include:


  • Prepaid Programs
  • Crowdfunding
  • Digital Savings
  • Payments
  • Gaming
  • Cryptocurrency


Why MVB?


  • Our size allows us to be opportunistic, adaptable and more flexible than many larger financial institutions.
  • We have relationship-driven culture. When many banks say “no, because,” we can say “yes, if” and work with clients to build needs-based solutions.
  • At MVB, we are serial entrepreneurs who seek deposits regionally and nationally. With emerging technology, banking is no longer restricted to a geographic area.
  • Chartwell Compliance, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MVB Bank, Inc., offers hands-on expertise, backed by a team of former state and federal regulators and Fintech compliance and operations veterans, that helps Fintechs thrive in a complex regulatory environment and successfully enter and expand in the North American Fintech market. Chartwell provides integrated regulatory compliance, state licensing, financial crimes prevention and enterprise risk management services which include consulting, outsourcing, testing, and training solutions.
  • Team MVB is second to none. Our people are the difference. Call us. You’ll understand why.


The Fintech tsunami is brewing, and banks are becoming yellow top taxis in an Uber world. We must modernize or risk losing our relevance in the market. MVB is building a specialty niche in the Fintech industry and has become the preferred bank of Fintech companies.

Larry F. Mazza,
President and CEO, MVB Financial Corp.



Chartwell Compliance Joins the MVB Family

As a stand-alone subsidiary of MVB Bank, Inc., Chartwell Compliance will expand its services to both Fintech clients and bank. Chartwell will coordinate with MVB Bank’s current compliance officers and be charged to help create and implement strategy and provide expert compliance resources to aid MVB in carrying out stringent and faster new client due diligence. Chartwell also will conduct enhanced monitoring and testing of clients.

“Through this win-win acquisition, MVB Bank and its clients get a fully-baked compliance solution and one of the world’s best-known Fintech compliance houses, while Chartwell Compliance and its clients get a mature financial institution specialized in Fintech,” said Daniel Weiss, President and CEO, Chartwell Compliance. “With this new phase of our Chartwell Compliance lifecycle, we gain both for ourselves and for MVB Bank an instant, hard-to-replicate edge over competitors, an extraordinary new client for us and resource for our clients in the form of MVB Bank, connections to new Fintech clients and opportunities for upward mobility on a personal level for our professionals. It is as if we have fulfilled our long-sought goal of one day having our own Fintech bank, without having to go through the legwork of forming and capitalizing one.”

For more information about Chartwell Compliance, click here