For nearly 10 years, Missy Kerr has dedicated her career to helping others through banking. Of those years, she’s spent the last four as a Relationship Banker at MVB’s Foxcroft banking center in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Missy’s previous bank was acquired by MVB Bank in 2015, thus beginning her time as a valued member of Team MVB. “I was a little nervous during the acquisition, but I have to tell you, MVB made the transition really smooth,” Missy recalled. “Every Team member that I was involved with was great.”

Banking hasn’t always been in Missy’s wheelhouse, though. Before joining the industry in 2010, Missy spent her days as a stay-at-home mom with her three children. She has a 12-year-old son, a 15-year-old daughter and a 22-year-old daughter, all of whom she beams with pride over. Among the hustle and bustle of a soon-to-be college graduate, a basketball player and other demands of a working mom, Missy and the rest of the Kerr crew place a high importance on family time. “My husband and I spend time together, and we also love investing time in each of our children and our newly adopted puppy,” she says.

Missy describes her family’s wish of taking a trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. “We’re big movie fans, and it would be awesome to visit the Jurassic Park area at Universal,” she says. As far as her personal wish list, deciding on a number one is very easy. Every August since she was 6 years old, Missy has visited Chincoteague Island, a small island in Virginia’s Eastern Shore that is home to the wild Chincoteague ponies. Missy loves seeing the ponies and hearing stories about them. Every summer the ponies swim across the channel from one island to another, being herded by “saltwater cowboys.” Because of school, sports and other family obligations, Missy has never been able to attend the pony swim. “When my son graduates from high school, I’m going to attend,” she declares.

During her hours on the job, Missy values relationship building among her clients and Teammates. During transactions with clients she takes the opportunity to strike up conversations. “I talk a lot,” she laughs.

With enough comforting stories of clients to write a book, Missy offered two that were top-of-mind. “Last year I had mentioned my wedding anniversary, which was about a week away, in conversation with a client of mine,” she shares. “On my anniversary, she brought me red velvet cupcakes, my favorite, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers.” She also described her ‘work dad,’ who happens to be a long-time client of Missy’s who, over time, she has built a strong and trusting relationship with.

Missy doesn’t believe she’s the only Team MVB member that has such strong client relationships, though. She sees this kind of bond among her co-workers and their clients as well. “It’s because we take the time to get to know people. We’re helpful, dependable and willing to work through difficult issues together with our clients,” Missy says. “Sometimes I’m with a client who has come in frantic or worried about something in their finances. We work through the issues together until we eventually reach a solution,” she explains. “When we’re finished and that client immediately extends a hand out to me before I can even get up, I know they’re feeling appreciation and relief. When they acknowledge my work and thank me, I feel accomplished.”

Missy attributes her career success to a solid work ethic, instilled in her by her father and through her involvement in team sports throughout her life. A former basketball and softball player, Missy says that sports taught her social skills, team work and that you need your teammates to succeed to succeed. “It’s the same on the job. I need my teammates to succeed and vice-versa,” she says. “I couldn’t do this without my team.”

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Do you live in Martinsburg, West Virginia, and have a financial need? Missy and Team MVB can help. Give Missy a call at (304) 267-1200 or visit our Foxcroft banking center at 651 Foxcroft Avenue, Martinsburg, WV 25401.