Matt Kelly says he followed well-known business mogul Warren Buffett’s advice when he decided to make a career move nearly two years ago: “There comes a time when you ought to start doing what you want. Take a job that you love.”
Matt was introduced to a member of Team MVB Charleston when he was working as a local car rental professional. Not long after that introduction, he saw an enticing job opening at MVB for the Charleston Banking Center Manager and Small Business Development Officer. Taking a leap of faith, Matt applied for the position, was hired and now says that the move was one of his best. “It’s only gotten better since I’ve been here,” he said.
Matt has also recently transitioned to a new role, Business Banking Officer, where his focus is on turning business dreams into reality. He largely attributes his successful tenure at MVB to the great mentors he’s had along the way. Matt appreciates the ability to bounce ideas off long-time, knowledgeable bankers and feels that he can trust their feedback and advice. The opportunity to learn from those around him has fueled his career growth. “Seeing the ambition of my superiors drives me every day,” Matt notes. “The energy that they put off makes everyone want to run at that pace.”
“Helping clients get their first business loan, it’s amazing,” Matt says. A story close to his heart is one of two clients who he helped obtain their first office space in downtown Charleston. “I can remember the day the owners found out they were approved for the loan,” Matt recalls. “They had the biggest smiles on their faces.”
It’s those smiles and stories that remind Matt that he’s in the business of helping people and helping his community. Matt is also one of many Team MVB members who helps their communities outside of their day-to-day tasks through efforts like Team MVB Cares Week and other local activities. “I love participating in Team MVB Cares projects because we actually get to give back to the people and places that shape our daily lives,” Matt says.
Offering a helping hand to those around him is no new job for Matt. In his former life as president of his college fraternity, Matt and his fraternity brothers collaborated on a project dedicated to bringing smiles to hospitalized children. Through their efforts, children at a local hospital received visits and gifts on Christmas Eve. Over time, the project evolved to also include snack deliveries to hospital staff who had to work on Christmas Eve.
Outside of work, Matt can frequently be found on the golf course or cheering on the Mountaineers at West Virginia University football and basketball games. He also cherishes time with his family. Matt and his wife, Emily, hope that his career ambition and love for community will one day be passed down to their almost 1-year-old daughter, Caroline.


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Do you live in Charleston and have a small business financial need? Matt and MVB can help. Give Matt a call at (304) 340-5107 or visit our Charleston banking center at 400 Washington St. East, Charleston, WV 25301.