As of September 2018, Kevin Corey has become the Banking Center Manager of MVB’s newest business center in McLean, Va. Being a Northern Virginia native since the late 1960s, Kevin went to Langley High School in McLean, just down the street from the new office. It was at Langley where he was quarterback of the football team. He believes he still a couple of records over there including his infamous throwing of five interceptions in one game. And family members still like to remind him of it. He also played baseball in high school which, he says, taught him life lessons that have helped him throughout his professional career. He says, “In baseball, you’re always on stage – whether you are up to bat or in the playing field, people will know if you succeed or fail.”
Kevin grew up in Miami, Fla., and says he shows his age by having attended the second and third Super Bowls, both played in Miami’s Orange Bowl. “Super Bowl Sunday is still one of my favorite days of the year and I remember those two games like they were yesterday,” he says. Kevin’s family moved to Northern Virginia in 1969. He comes from a family of two brothers and two sisters, all of whom still reside in the Northern Virginia region. His father, Neil Corey Sr., an assistant flight engineer during World War II, holds a notable place in American history. He was one of the crew members in the 509th Composite Group, which did the training missions for the famed bomber Enola Gay.
Kevin and his wife Maria reside in Springfield, Va., and have three sons ages 30, 20 and 14. His oldest son, Kevin Jr., is a 2011 West Virginia University graduate, and his 20-year-old son, Colin, is at the University of Lynchburg in Lynchburg, Va. Kevin has always enjoyed coaching youth sports and getting kids ready for high school ball.
Kevin joined MVB in 2016 after working with a couple of other banks in the region. “But I started reading about MVB’s plans for growth in Northern Virginia and it got my attention. As soon as I talked with Northern Virginia executives Jamie Nalls and Byron Schulze at MVB about teamwork, creating banking relationships, integrity, professionalism, reliability and community involvement, I thought I could be a perfect fit. MVB has a very dedicated team of bankers, as well as our MVB Mortgage team, and all of us share these values.” He adds, “It’s an opportunity for me to help MVB Bank be an even bigger player in the vibrant McLean business community. My goal is to have the McLean office be one of the highest producing banking centers within MVB Bank."
Kevin prides himself on building strong relationships with clients through the years, and some of these relationships have endured through his moves to different financial institutions. One of those is Filomena Ristorante in Georgetown, which became his customer in 2001. He was able to assist with the restaurant’s financial needs during the 9/11 period that affected a number of businesses in the D.C. area. Several years later after he had moved to another community bank, the CEO texted him on Presidents Day: “Mick Jagger and his family were having lunch at your restaurant.” And more recently, the cast and crew from the upcoming movie Wonder Woman 2” were in D.C. filming a scene in the restaurant because of its 1980s look.
Another notable relationship is with a local UPS franchise. Kevin says, “My client opened her first store in the region in 2003 with a startup loan that I helped to arrange. She is now the area franchisee for more than 55 stores and counting. The last several UPS stores have been financed through MVB Bank, and we continue to have a great relationship through several team members here at MVB. Special thanks to Garrett Reed for all his help.”
Kevin says he appreciates the administrative support he receives from Team MVB in West Virginia, which helps him provide the best possible experience for his clients.



Do you live in the McLean, Va., area and have a community service or financial need? Kevin Corey and Team MVB can help. Give Kevin a call at (571) 526-4554 or email him at Visit our new MVB McLean banking center at 1313 Dolley Madison Blvd., Suite 100, McLean, VA 22101.