Christine Dutton, Banking Center Manager & Retail Lender for MVB’s Foxcroft Avenue location in Martinsburg, W.Va., says that landing her role in banking was purely accidental. After her initial plans went awry, Christine’s career path took an unexpected turn that has worked out well for her.

“I was originally supposed to be a nurse,” she says. Health challenges that she faced with her daughter led her to begin looking into a career in the medical field. “Things kept getting in the way; there was roadblock after roadblock. I honestly feel like it just wasn’t meant to happen,” Christine says. Her career then landed her at the Federal Emergency Management Agency, commonly referred to as FEMA, where she worked in application processing. Eventually, she would find herself laid off from this position and once again on the job hunt.

A local bank employee, who had heard of Christine’s job search, suggested that she apply for a teller position. To her delight, Christine was selected for the role. Little did she know that banking was where she would find a home for her career. Thirteen years, two banks and multiple positions later, Christine is now enjoying being a Banking Center Manager. “I’ve been a teller, a relationship banker, an assistant manager, a branch operations manager and now a branch manager,” she says.

Christine says her favorite part of her job remains her clients. “I love being able to help our clients with their banking needs, but I also enjoy getting to know them on a personal level,” she says. Kids who were once squeezing underneath the teller line are now grown up and have changed right in front of Christine’s eyes. “It also makes me feel accomplished when I know clients are walking out of the bank more satisfied than they were when they came in,” Christine notes. “Knowing that whatever they needed has been taken care of is a great feeling.”

MVB clients also seem to be quite fond of Christine and the staff at Foxcroft. “Our clients are great, but I feel like they think we’re great, too!” Christine says. It’s not uncommon for a Foxcroft client to bring snacks, drinks, treats, pizza and more to the branch Team members. Christine says one client brought everyone drinks from Cracker Barrel and another brought flowers to the branch just to say thank you. “I could keep going on and on,” she says.

While she thrives in her role at MVB, Christine also finds joy outside of her career when she’s spending time with her three children and two grandchildren. “Holding my granddaughters is enough to make me feel like the most accomplished person in the world,” Christine boasts. In fact, if given the opportunity to learn any new skill, Christine says she would learn to play the guitar. “My family likes music and one of my granddaughters loves to dance. If I learned how to play the guitar I could play some songs for her to dance to.”

Christine also enjoys spending time with her husband riding their motorcycle, going for a swim and getting involved in community and charity events. 



Do you live in the Martinsburg area and have a financial or volunteer service need? Christine and MVB can help. Give Christine a call at (304) 262-5770 or visit our Foxcroft branch at 651 Foxcroft Ave., Martinsburg, WV 25401.