Seven years ago, Alex Green was working as a shift leader at a Morgantown, West Virginia, restaurant. Little did he know his career path was about to take a big turn. A friend of Alex’s at a local bank suggested that he apply for a bank teller opening. Alex decided it was the right time for a change, and he took the opportunity that was in front of him. “I never thought I’d be in banking,” he said. “It just fell into my lap and I ran with it.”
Fast-forward to 2013 – Alex had found that he quite enjoyed the banking industry and felt it could be a place to call home for his career. He was hired as a teller at MVB Bank and continued mastering his skills in banking. During his first years at MVB, Alex worked among numerous banking center locations including Sabraton and Cheat Lake in Morgantown, Tech Park in Fairmont and others.
Finally, he landed at the Suncrest MVB banking center in Morgantown, where he eventually became the Branch Operations Manager. While Alex’s hard work has helped him move up in his career at MVB, he also contributes his success to people who have directed him along the way. “I’ve had great leaders here who have taken me under their wings,” Alex said. “They’ve given me a chance and have put me in a position to advance.”
Although Alex has been the Branch Operations Manager at the Suncrest banking center for nearly two years now, he says the time has flown by. “It makes a big difference when everyone works so well together,” he said. He has a deep appreciation for the high level of respect and kindness that his co-workers show towards one another. “Being able to work with such a great team and make such positive connections is what stands out most to me,” he adds.
During his seven years in banking, Alex notes that the biggest lesson he’s learned is “to always listen to people who have had the experience you’re trying to obtain.” He clearly values the opportunity to learn from those who have gone down the path that he’s on and he strives to absorb the wisdom they have to offer.
While he has lived in Morgantown for several years, Alex still calls Philippi, West Virginia, home. From time to time he makes the one-hour trip south to Philippi to visit family. He also likes spending time with friends. “I enjoy cooking a lot and having friends over for dinner,” he adds. As a matter of fact, if Alex wasn’t a banking professional, he says he would love to be a professional chef or even own a restaurant.
Some day Alex’s dream of becoming a restauranteur may come true, but in the meantime MVB Bank and our clients are grateful to have his expertise as part of Team MVB!

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Do you live in the Morgantown, West Virginia, area and have a financial need? Alex and Team MVB can help. Give Alex a call at (304) 292-9355 or visit our Suncrest banking canter at 51 Donahue Avenue, Morgantown, WV 26505.