“If you’re good to people, they’ll be good to you,” says MVB’s Stacie Garcia, who has made these words her career motto throughout her 20 years in the banking industry.

“I enjoy doing the right thing for our clients, making a difference, and simply treating them like I’d want to be treated,” Stacie says. She has made her mark at several West Virginia banks, including MVB Bank, where she now serves as a Small Business Development Officer at the Charleston branch.

In her former life, Stacie taught preschool and first grade in Indiana. She soaked in the joys of being around young children and relished in watching them learn reading skills. While she found this work to be rewarding, she felt the need for change and more financial stability for her and her son, Corey.

With her sister and aunts having experience in the banking industry, Stacie made the decision to embark on a new career path, one that lead her back to her roots in West Virginia. Here, she worked at a local bank in the Treasury department while also building the foundation for what would turn into an exciting and fulfilling career in banking.

Now, Stacie can be found thriving at MVB’s Charleston branch where she attributes her success to simply being helpful and doing the right thing. “I like helping people and feel like when I’m able to do the right thing for the client, it really makes a difference in their lives,” Stacie says. “If you do right by your customer, you’ll never have to sell a day in your life.”

Stacie lists some reliable rules of thumb for success: “Do what you say you’re going to do; be approachable and accessible; and be someone your clients can trust.”

Stacie appreciates her time away from the office, too. With her son now grown and married, she takes pride in her newly built home and spends much of her free time tackling projects around the house. She’s even fond of chores such as landscaping and gardening. Occasionally the golf course or a sandy beach steal Stacie away, but her heart remains with her home and her opportunity to create positive change through her career at MVB.


Do you live in the Charleston, W.Va., area and have a community service or financial need? Stacie Garcia and Team MVB can help. Give Stacie a call at (304) 340-5105 or visit our Charleston branch at 400 Washington St., East, Charleston, WV 25314.