MVB Cash Management Services

Run your business. Don’t let it run you.


You’re not running a lemonade stand anymore. Our tools make a clean job of managing the complicated finances of your business.

Managing your business’ money can be a full-time job on its own. Our suite of cash management tools lets you tackle the day and prepare for the future. Not only do these instruments make it easy to track and transfer your cash, they give you the security necessary for dealing with a high volume of funds and help simplify the process of paying taxes.

Here are just a few tools we offer:

Sweep Accounts

A sweep account combines moving funds in a predetermined manner between at least two accounts within a bank to optimize your cash flow.

Automated Clearing House Service

The ACH system allows most credit and debit transactions to clear on the same day.

Direct Deposit

Make payroll automatic and instantaneous. We’ll even send an MVB representative to your place of business to sign your employees up for MVB accounts and direct deposit through our MVB@Work program.

Electronic Federal Tax Deposits

Pay your business taxes in just a few clicks.

Wire Transfers

Transfer your money quickly and safely with wire transfers.

Positive Pay

This automated fraud detection tool safeguards your business against forged, manipulated, and counterfeit checks.

Remote Deposit Capture

Make deposits quickly, from anywhere, simply by taking and uploading a picture of your check.

Compatibility with Your Accounting Software

Our cash management suite integrates with Quicken, QuickBooks and more.

Bringing your employees into the MVB family can set them up for a lifetime of financial success.
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