Business Banking Online Services Request

Business Banking Online Services Request

Business Online Banking Features

  • On-line access to all business accounts with not only look-up capability but also the flexibility to establish multiple users with individual entitlements to accounts and services.
  • The ability to transfer between accounts and place stop payments.
  • Multi-factor authentication protocol to ensure the greatest security is provided to our on-line users.

  • ACH Origination:

Online access with the ability to segregate submission and approval of transactions

Standard NACHA file upload available to streamline payments and direct deposit of payroll

  • Wire Origination features:

Online access with the ability to establish two user levels: one user may submit and an additional user must approve.

Wire Templates

  • Direct Connect for QuickBooks

Provides the ability to sync online Bank account activity with accounting software

Please select the Business Banking Services that you would like to have access.

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